Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SexyCoolFresh Makeup Look

Summer is approaching and nobody wants a face full of makeup. Its heavy and also likely to slide off your face. Follow this tips straight from the 2012 Isabel Marant Runway show to achieve that effortless fresh face perfect for spring and summer.Courtesy of makeup artist Karim Rahman.

1. On a clean, freshly built dewy base, apply “a lot” of bronzer underneath the cheekbones, just below the hairline and under the chin to contour the skin. Rahman likes L’Oréal Glam Bronze, but any matte bronzer (read: sparkle-free) will work.

2. Apply a translucent powder to the T-zone (across the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and on the chin) to manage shine and keep the warmth concentrated to the outline of the face.

3. Curl lashes (skip the mascara) and apply a very thin stroke of black kohl liner along the upper lash line, as close to the lashes as possible, for definition; use an angled brush to diffuse the pigment toward the temple, giving the illusion of an elongated wing without actually drawing one.

4. Brush brows up and fill in slightly if needed.

5. Moisturize lips with a clear balm and then use your finger to press a sheer, brick red lipstick into the center of the mouth, blending outwards. Rahman is a fan of L’Oréal Paris’ new Rouge Caresse Lipstick in no. 602.

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