Friday, September 15, 2017

Follow The DJ

   I'm 30yrs old  & have been going out for quite awhile in Baltimore & in my adult years I have frequented  Although I'm from NYC, I've been living in Baltimore since 1996, my club days at age 15,16,17 consisted of The Tunnel, HammerJacks, Club Choices, The Paradox & Baltimore Live. Clubs were on tilt with D.J. personalities like Reggie reg, Porkchop, DJ QuickSilva, Ms Toni DJ, Supa DJ Big L & KSwift in the building. Over the years the Baltimore's party scene has lost its appeal from clubs getting closed down due to violence and/or politics, to the city's most popular DJ's migrating outta town and unfortunately passing away unexpectedly.
    What the party scene has been replaced with in recent years is the uprising of the "Party Promoter" & while I'm not here to knock anyone's hustle I personally don't follow party promoters.It nothing more than a popularity contest/reason to stunt & If you think about it the Promoter doesn't play music, they don.'t own the venue & they not pouring any drinks. Their sole purpose is to get YOU there by any means but they actually do not do anything that will directly improve the quality of your night. So the  fancy or sometimes not so fancy fliers get posted up & the the social media campaign begins, now even with all these elements in place you may get to the party & it's a total bust! It's happen to me before getting to a party only to realize the flyer was the most exciting thing about the party. Now I follow the DJ, It's the DJ's job to ensure you have a good time. I mean you go out to be social, drink, &  hear some good music to let loose to, the DJ is the lifeline of the club from the music that they play to their ability to control the crowd. One thing that needs to stop happening in this town is people getting put on because of whom they are associates as opposed to being put on for their talent. I went to Glam (2014) & (2015) the difference in the experience was like day & night. DJ Manny was the DJ  (2014) but he did not do a good job.  I didn't arrive to the party until 12:00am (Club hours are over at 2:00am in Bmore) and by 1:00am I had heard several songs played several times combined with a multitude of technical between songs. I kept thinking to myself hmmmm "did he not bring enough music? is his catalog that limited? Is he just a bar DJ?Long story short I left by 1:15 because the music was lame For the life of me I could not figure out how such a mediocre DJ had booked such a big gig, I came to the conclusion that it had to be politics.. I don't know about you but when I'm out I need to hear a mixture of music from, the latest and greatest in trap music, R&B, A Beyonce segment, and just shit you may have not heard in while but still will get you hype when you hear it. A whole night of the songs that are currently in rotation on the radio in the unedited format is not what I consider to be good DJing.
 For the last several years my favorite DJ to follow in Bmore is SupaDj Big L & here's why.....He's consistent! He's been in the game for a long time & knows his city and while he not just a local DJ he has stuck by this town through it all. I can honestly say I have never been to a party where he was the DJ & not had a good time be it a big venue or bar. Big L was the DJ at Glam in 2014 & the shit was super lit!I danced all night, left when the lights came on covered in sweat & hoarse. I went to a 90's party last night at Pulse that L was DJing & the man killed shit, All 90's 'music all night & I'm not talking just 98 & 99 but early 90's. Once again I dance all night & left the spot feeling like that was money well spent. No nonsense, no one acting up just a room full of people vibing to some old school music & really enjoying themselves. I say all that to say this Baltimore needs more diversity, there's no reason that Ravens players & celebrities skip over Baltimore to go to DC to party. All the catering to the 21 & under should slow up, the everyday working person may wanna step out & have a good time with out all the extraness that the younger crowds tend to bring. When concerts come there aren't official after parties happening because the city lacks venues. Longevity should be the goal not a quick come up, a new club being open for 6 months to a year & then closing down just hurts the city. Some adjustments can be made to the night life here in Bmore but in the mean time I'll continue to go for what I know FOLLOW THE DJ.....

Monday, January 26, 2015

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Fancy Feet! Jon Buscemi

   Although dressy sneaker can never replace a grown man pair of dress shoes. Buscemi has really caught my attention. Like with any style that turns into a fad it loses the excitement you felt when you first discovered it. Unfortunately Giuseppe Zanoti sneakers have fell into that category for me, the style is overly done & lack edge now.These Buscemi's are clean with just the right amount of "I'm Fancy" of this kinda quality isn't cheap you can find them at

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nicki Minaj x Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2015 Advertising Campaign

Evolution of the plus size swimsuit

    One of my fav plus size fashion bloggers GabiFresh has come out with her own swimsuit line & I'm soooooo Hyped! I must say over the years plus size swimwear has come a long way, no longer are the only options 1 piece suits with some disgusting unflattering print. Better yet the awful tankini t 2 piece set with the ugly skirt piece (reminiscent of a tennis outfit). Thanks to the likes of Gabifresh, Monif C, & Forever 21 we have a lot more sexy & vibrant options. You can find these swimsuits by Gabifresh for purchase at

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rihanna - Pour It Up (Explicit) Can you spot her vintage inspired look?

Not a thing new under the sun, Rih was inspired by Linda Evanglista's vintage Chanel look for her latest video.