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Flywire White Party 2011 Not So Fly....

        I have been meaning to attend the annual Flywire White Party held at the Frederick Douglass-Issac museum for about the past 3yrs now but for some reason or another I've never been able to make it. I have been told by friends that this event is put on by a mature group of people & usually draws a mixed crowd of younger & older people of all races so i expected it to be a classy & drama free event. May 15, 2011 came & i was ready, me & my trusty party side kick/ & all around buddy Brandon were in full on party mode. The party was scheduled to run from 5:00p.m.-10:00p.m. we arrived at 8:00p.m. barely avoiding the storm that had just passed. As we walked up the red carpet & approached the building, I couldn't help but appreciate the venue, it was such a breath of fresh air & since there were such tight restrictions on the dress code it was also nice to see everyone in their all white everything looking crispy & clean.
        Now this is when s**t gets real, immediately after being checked by security & entering the venue i was met with the strong stench of weed. Which was a surprise to me because not only did they take my cigarettes at the door, there were police present. So as we moved further inside we realize this event is not quite what we thought it would be. It seems as if every dope boy & his hood rich girlfriend made it a point to be present & that would be all well & good if they knew how to behave at a all white party. While squeezing through the overly crowded tent everyone was dancing under we finally made it to the pier & got some fresh air & also took a few pics. As i looked to the left of me i saw a couple begin to argue & i said hey that's normal they're probably drunk, but what wasn't normal was when he put his hands on her & no one even attempted to intervene. In our travels back & forth we ran across a random young lady whom was nice enough to inform us that there wasn't any kind of restrictions for V.I.P. so you could just walk on over if you wanted to. I said wow really? because i could have sworn that those same V.I.P. tables were being sold for $1000 a pop yes i said $1000. Of course we decided to go try our hand & sure enough V.I.P.  was pretty much non-existent we sat at an unoccupied table for awhile (our ticket was $40 & were sitting in V.I.P. gotta love it) as i waved to & chit chatted with all the people there i knew. Finally we made it back to the dance floor & attempted to have a good time & dance to a few songs, after about 2-3 songs yep you guessed it a fight broke out & that was our Que to exit. All in all we spent a good 1hr & 45mins there & that was good enough for us.
           A few friends of mine who were there early informed me that the line to take pictures was long & the picture man kept running out of memory cards, some folks didn't even get any of the pics that they had already paid for. There were a few other reports of domestic disputes turned violent & everybody that wanted to feel like they were somebody (guys & gals) had a bottle (not a cup or glass) of Rose Moet or Ciroc taking it straight to the head (super duper tacky). Bottom line is I've seen pictures of the white party from years prior & it looked like lots of fun & good times with many different kinds of ethnicity's all in attendance & partying together. In my opinion that is what this year's party lacked & also i would have had an age limit in place of 25 & older in order to keep things a little more under control. Between the weed smoking everywhere, the fussing & fighting, & blatant display of hood behavior this years white party was a major fail a far cry from what i hear it use to be. Marcy Crump i hope you step it up & get things back in order so that people who want to come out & enjoy a classy white party can do so.

Most of the attendees were simply lovely....

& Others Not So Much....
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Notice this pic is xtra cloudy

& us

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