Friday, January 27, 2012


This week at the Chanel couture show, Karl Lagerfeld added a genius detail to his bespoke cocktail dresses and pencil skirts: He bedazzled the thighs and knees of his models.

What You Need:

1 bag of sequins
1 bag of rhinestones (medium-sized)
1 pair of sheer nylons or opaque nude tights
1 bottle of fabric glue
2 postcards or pieces of small cardboard

STEP ONE:  Find the "knee" of your tights.  If you have to try them on to do it, cool.  Mark the center of the knee with a tiny dot of glue.

STEP TWO: Insert the small piece of cardboard carefully into the tights.  Place it right at the "knee" you've identified.

STEP THREE: Glue your rhinestones and sequins in a messy oval with the dot of glue as your center.  Keep the bigger stones in the middle and the smaller stones and sequins on the edges.

STEP FOUR:  Repeat with the other leg of the tights, using your second piece of cardboard as the base. 

STEP FIVE:  Allow 30 minutes to try.


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