Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Air Jordan "Concord 2011"

    These are some throwbacks indeed, since being re-released December 23, 2011 there has being a string of violence that has followed. It's sad to see what people will do all in the name of being "Exclusive" but all that non-sense went on for nothing because they are still very much available online if you just do a little research. A true sneaker head like myself always knows where to look for so called "Limited Edition" sneakers. If these were a personal pair of must-haves I would much rather pay the extra $$$ & purchase them online, that sure beats having to stand in line for hours & then fight to the death at the register SMH shame on you MJ I had these in middle school dude. These are now available in all sizes at WWW.FlightClub.com

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