Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do You Know Daphne?

    Daphne Guiness is an International Fashion Icon, & that not just an opinion she was name International Best Dress List Hall of Fame in 1994. She has live a life that we could only dream of, & comes from a blood line that most would kill to originate from. The technical name these days is "Socialite" but in my opinion there is no way Daphne fits into the same category as Paris Hilton or Kim K she is so much more than that, more like uncrowned royalty. As much of a huge Gaga fan I am I must admit a lot of her style is definitely inspired by Daphne .Guinness has collected fashion, specifically haute couture, for a number of years, and in 2010 bought the entire wardrobe of the late Isabella Blow, in her owns words, to “prevent Issie’s possessions becoming mere morbid memorabilia… to preserve it.”  In may ways she has set the standard for fashion for example the Heel-less shoes that have recently become mainstream Daphne's been wearing for ages now in every style you could imagine. All that's left to say is "ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF FASHION"

I have known Daphne since I was a teenager & our families used to holiday in Spain: the first time I met her, she was swimming with dolphins. Even at 14 years old, she was very creative; she would mix up her bikini tops & bottoms, & make necklaces from teeth & bone. We would ride on a scooter together, & she'd hold onto me & scream. I remember throwing cakes onto the walls of restaurants, while Daphne sang Poera; we were wild kids. she is a complex character; as much as I love & adore her. I am often surprised by her
—Christian Louboutin on Daphne Guinness.

I don't undrstand why celebrities can't buy their own clothes. Elizabeth Taylor would never have dreamt of letting anyone tell her what to wear.

Tribute to Alexander McQueen: Starring Daphne Guinness


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