Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fcuk is my M.A.C concealer!!!!

    As a freelance makeup artist I have always heard the high praises of M.A.C, and I have also heard the negative connotations that numerous professional makeup artist have expressed, mostly after the Estee Lauder buyout. By 1997, Estee Lauder had acquired 71% of MAC cosmetics and people began to notice a difference, not so much in the pigments and shadows, but in the foundation. Rumors exclaimed that it was watered down and reformulated to fit Estee Lauder's mass marketing plan, and the consumers were left to suffer. I decided to write this because my fellow friend and blogger NEO GEO recently suffered a major skin reaction using MAC  concealer and foundation. Now this could happen with any product, but I have heard countless models tell  me they were allergic, and photographers who would not allow their foundations to be used on set. That being said, some girls will not even reconsider switching to anything else but MAC. I refer to them as MAC whores, and they are easily identified by constantly touting MAC as the holy grail of makeup. Suprisingly its usually not MAC employees or professional makeup artist, but woman who are sadly miseducated. There is no  makeup brand that has the best "everything" and if some people could let go  of their brand brainwashing from other MAC whores, or lyrics in a rap song (usually recited by a man, as if he knew what he was talking about), they could enjoy foundation that actually matched, or was good for their skin. Woman of color have it hard enough finding a foundation that is true to their golden, and sometimes red undertones and MAC unfortunately uses high levels of Titanium Dioxide which is responsible for that "ashy" quality so many woman sport everyday. Don't get me wrong MAC may have your perfect match but consider some other brands that cater specifically to woman of color such as IMAN, Black Opal, Dermablend and even Fashion Fair. MAC is a great company, and I often use theirr products myself  and on clients but don't limit yourself to just one brand. And remember, makeup is about celebrating beauty and individuality so its fine to try something new, take chances, and make mistakes.

You can get with this:

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