Saturday, June 4, 2011

Addressing the Epidemic of Lacefront Wigs

     Personally i don't ever see myself rocking a Lace front wig, but I'm not totally against them. I've actually seen some very nice looking one's on random women. My only advice is if your going to do it do it right, don't get some Barbie hair wig that sits down so low on your head that it looks like it connects to your eyebrows. It also shouldn't look like your hairline starts back by your ears & has been painted onto your head. All that baby hair is not necessary either the object is to look as natural as possible so do some research on weft. Don't allow the little Asian woman in your local hair store convince you that it looks good her only concern is making this sale. Invest a few dollars into your appearance (Human hair always looks best) find one that's right for you & have a professional put it on. Always remember the cardinal rule everything is not for everybody so if all else fails 2 packs of Remi tracks will always save the day.

What it should be.....

& what it should never be....

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  1. Y is her lacefront pushd bak likee dat? It looks likee she has a receding hair linee lmao..