Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paying "Milan" with a reality check..........

         This will be the start of a new great relationship, Once a month i will be doing a review on a hot spot local or otherwise Restaurant, Lounge, Bar, Club etc. I am a bit of a social butterfly so i like to try all sorts of things & I'd like to share my experience with you.
         Milan located 1000 Eastern Ave. in the heart of "Little Italy" is goldmine location i must admit the ambiance is like nowhere else  in Baltimore (Pics below) but this is where the magic ends. I had previously visited Milan for a baby shower in April of 2011 & was quite impressed but i lacked that same feeling on my next trip on May 29, 2011. Myself & my two friends Christal & Dorian arrived at about 11:45 (we never arrive early it's just not what we do). Naturally our 1st stop would be at the bar & to our surprise not only was there a need for more bartenders (Considering its Memorial wknd) & we had to wait 30mins to be served, but when we finally were able to place our order they were out of everything Hennessy, Ciroc (all flavors), & Grey Goose. Now i am not a heavy drinker but to my understanding those liquors are pretty much staples in every bar, club, lounge so i was just a little confused as to how they ran out at 11:45 on wknd when there's lots of business .
         We ended up settling on a drink & proceeded upstairs to the main dance floor as i went up the steps I knew it was about to go down music was right & the party was in full swing. What i didn't bank on was a place as "Classy" & "Grown & Sexy" as Milan to not have any central air, ceiling fan, Nada! The heat was simple indescribable it felt like a summer rain had just past & all that was left behind was %100 humidity. Now I'm no Prima-Donna & i understand it was hot outside but they literally had no sort of relief in site except for a oscillating fan on the other side of the room which was already occupied by about 6 other party goers. For some strange reason even though there is a balcony on the second floor which would be a great help the doors were closed & locked (things that make you go hmmm). We still decided to make the best of it & began a very light 2step to "Racks on, Racks on, Racks" so we wouldn't bust into a heaping sweat. Being the ladies we are we came out with nothing less than 6inch walkers on our feet & as we danced we found that we kept slipping on what we originally thought was ice but once we shined our cell phone phone light on the ground it turned out to be glass (which as far as we could see was not swept up by staff).
      The glass was the final straw we had to go ahead & make our departure for the evening. Now on the up side i will say the crowd was a very nice mix of young & older folks, mostly well dressed & i didn't encounter one rude person. The decor was beautiful with all white everything & a hint of color in all the right places. I would most definitely return to Milan beacuse these are all minor issues that would be a quick fix & over all it's a really nice place with the kind of crowd i like. Please understand that these reviews will not be used as a tool to bash any ones establishment or deter patrons from attending but instead a call to owners & promotion teams to step it up & not just collect our money at the door but ensure we'll have a quality time & want to return & continue to support. So i don't know were I'll be next but i will be sure to share my experience with you good, bad, & indifferent.....

Just a few minutes on the dance floor & i was drenched

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