Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Dubai Niteclub" aka "Velvet Rope" aka "Redwood trust" ect....

       What is now known as Dubai located Nightclub 200 E. Redwood St. has been through many changes in the past few years & its a wonder why? They always seem to be packed on Friday & Saturday nights lines around the corner, Central Location (Downtown 1 block from the Inner harbor), & No shortage of party promoters throwing events. I think i figured out what the problem may be, whenever a new spot opens up they start out being very selective about the kind of crowd they let in by enforcing a dress code & charging a cover of at least $20.00. Its seems that works for awhile that's until folks start getting greedy & they start promoting free before 11:00P.M. $10.00 bottomless cups & all kinds of crap to pull in more business than they actually need. Its sad just because nothing seems to last very long it simply gets recycled & renamed all for the love of money. Bottom line is these place would have longevity if they maintained a little more integrity & wasn't all for the money.

Posted By: NeoGeo

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